Wojciech Modest Amaro

The most successful and recognizable Polish chef in the world. Self-taught and passionate, who spent over 8 years abroad, training in London, Paris and Barcelona, alongside such celebrities as Ferran Adria, Rene Redzepi and Juan Roca. His pioneering vision of contemporary Polish cuisine has won worldwide recognition and many prestigious awards.

Winner of the first historical Michelin star in Poland in 2013. Author of the bestsellers: “Polish Cuisine of the 21st Century”, “Nature of Polish Cuisine” and “Heartmade by atelier Amaro”. Juror of the Top Chef Polska program and host of the legendary Hell’s Kitchen program. Founder of Forgotten Fields Farm – a farm dedicated to restoring biodiversity and forgotten varieties.

In 2020, the International Gastronomy Academy in Paris honored him with the most prestigious culinary award in the world, the Grand Prix de l’art. de la Cuisine awarded to the most outstanding Chefs, whose mastery and creativity have gained recognition around the world.


2020 / Grand Prix de l’Art de la Cuisine

2020 / Grand Prix Literature „HEARTMADE by atelier Amaro” AIG / Paris

2020 / The Best Chef Awards #46 in The world

2020 / La Liste Country Winner Best Restaurant in the World

2019 / 50BestDiscovery

2019 / Sympozjum Food meets Science, Barcelona

2019 / The Best Chef Awards – Top 100

2019 / Four Magazine – World’s Best Food Magazine

2019 / Chef’s Table Tribeca

2018 / book „Heartmade by atelier Amaro”

2018 / 12 Days of Christmas, Meadowood, CA

2018 / Museum of Modern Art San Francisco inSitu – Hall of Fame

2017 / Masterclass at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, USA

2017 / Gourmet Festival / Budapest

2017 / wastED with Dan Barber / Londyn UK

2017 / World’s 50Best Restaurant – Discovery Series

2016 / el Celler de Can Roca, Spain

2016 / Seoul Gourmet, South Korea

2015 / Symposium Food on The Edge, Ireland

2015 / Obsession, UK

2013 / Four Magazine – World’s Best Food Magazine

2013 / 1*Michelin Star atelier Amaro

2013 / symposium Madrid Fusion

2012 / host Cook it Raw Poland

2011 / opening atelier Amaro

2010 / 4th world book of World’s Cookbook Awards “Nature of Polish Cuisine”

2010 / Noma, Dania

2009 / book “Polish Cuisine of the 21st Century”

2008 / elBulli, Spain

2007 / Nagroda Chef de l’Avenir – International Academy of Gastronomy, Paris